Eco Standards & Sustainability Practices

Kikakinis are an environmentally conscious brand always ready to face future challenges. Our factories are committed to reducing the ecological impact of non-biodegradable waste and conserve new renewable natural resources

All our suppliers are Oektex- Eco certified, offering products that comply with the environmental conservation standards established by the European Union.

Our fabric printers in Spain and Tunisia are committed to reducing energy consumption and pollution through the integration of sustainable processes and technologies that are more respectful to the environment: Using a direct method of colouring during the extrusion process instead of traditional water-based dyeing, and recycling process of post-industrial and post-consumer waste to avoid the use of virgin polymer.

By shipping all our fabrics and products by sea, it reduces our greenhouse gas emissions considerably to ensure the finished products maintain a below average carbon footprint.

Q-NOVA® is made from more than half of preconsumption waste. These materials were unusable in any other way and would have been disposed as external waste. Q-NOVA®is an environmentally-sustainable recycled Nylon 6.6 fire obtained from regenerated raw materials in accordance with present-day traceability criteria and requirements.